Dr. Maksym Melnychuk is an Ukrainian scientist, governmental and political builder. He is distinguished scientifically based manager and consulting specialist based in Kiev, Ukraine which offers big experience services and strategic planning to businesses and industries in agriculture, biotechnologies & bioenergy. He is considered an expert in general extension service & strategy formation for new bio- and environment based projects in science and technologies. To his role in advising agricultural and technology firms and institutions nationally and internationally, Prof. Melnychuk brings years of experience in science, technology, governance, business and strategy planning.

In his role as his Team leader, Maksym Melnychuk is responsible for managing the general management policies and strategic growth of its partners. His responsibilities include know-how analysis, practical implementation and development of the scientific technologies and raising capital.
Prof. Maksym Melnychuk is an Academician (Full Member) of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine, a technology-driven opportunity intellectual fund that invests in undervalued innovation development throughout and abroad Ukraine. He is an managing partner of some private companies (biolaboratories) seeks out scientifically-based ideas that show promise and exhibit problems related to nowadays human and environment problems, food processing, biotechnology and nanotechnology, biomethod, future market position, professional management – problems that can be corrected and solved to deliver superior value. Nowadays his activity focused of development of deep science and innovation through “China-Ukrainian Center of Science, Business and Innovations” based in Heilongjiang province. Center developing pilot projects since January 2018 on food processing and food security based in Harbin. In Zhejiang province he managing some business projects focused on molecular biology, biotechnology and trading.


Acad. Maksym Melnychuk earned his bachelor degree (with honor) with a focus on Biology Science, Virology, and Biotechnology in 1994 from the Kiev National University after Taras Shevchenko, Ukraine. In 1997 he defended his PhD from Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and virology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Dr. Maksym Melnychuk completed further MS on Plant Protection (Phytopathology) in National Agricultural University of Ukraine. He earned his Full Doctoral degree in 2006 and received the Professor on Ecobiotechnology & biodiversity (2007). He is Laureate of State Prize on Science and Technologies of Ukraine (2005), Laureate of Prize of NAAS of Ukraine (2009), Academician (Full Member) of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine (2013) and its Vice-President (2014-2016). From 3 of February 2016 Maksym Melnychuk was appointed as Governor of Kiev Region of Ukraine. Since 9 of September 2016 Maksym Melnychuk leading partner of Center of science and innovations transfers in Ukraine and "Agronomika" ltd.


Maksym Melnychuk is on the board of Interior Salon "Kalina" an curtains & home textile producer, furniture and interior design business. “Kalina” The company founded in 1992 by his wife Alina Melnychuk’s mother – Mrs. Nina Prima. Since 1992 one of the leaders in its segment and it has its own exclusive manufacturing facilities in city of Kiev. Maksym Melnychuk and his wife Alina have a strong family passion for home design and enjoys having the opportunity to provide insight and developing and expanding production to work in the business class segment.


In addition to his professional endeavors, Maksym Melnychuk is a committed philanthropist, political activist and active sport life and outdoor fan. He supports the arts and music among talented youth. His special life hobby is yachting, fishing and hunting. He is a member of Agrarian Party of Ukraine and since 2015 is Head of Kiev State Organization of APU. Maksym Melnychuk took part at Mayor of Kiev City elections in 2015.
In 2005 President of Ukraine Victor Yuschenko was awarded him by Laureate of State Prize on science and technologies of Ukraine for his textbook for students “Plant Biotechnology”. Also he was awarded by numerous awards from the name of President of Ukraine, Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada), Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
In 2008 he was awarded by Order “For merit” (|||-rd level) by President of Ukraine (Link).
On 30 of July 2015 Maksym Melnychuk was awarded by Knight of the Order of the Hop (Link).
China-Ukraine delegation on Invest Forum 2018. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
China friends & partners.
Written books and publications by Dr. Maksym Melnychuk and coauthors.



Innovation Transfer Institute

Solar Provider Group

Is one of the world’s leading, fully integrated solar PV companies. They specialize in the development, financing, engineering, construction as well as the operation and maintenance of commercial and utility-scale solar installations.



Growing strawberries of the ™ «Gubernatorska»


In October 2008 the Ukrainian brewery company “Persha Pryvatna brovarnya” was pleased with its new intoxicating product - it produced the “National” beer. It was presented to the city beer festival in Lviv. But the “highlight” of the new hop drink was that for its cooking, the Ukrainian national variety of hops “National” were used for the first time. Its quality was confirmed in laboratories not only in Ukraine, but in Germany and the Czech Republic. In addition, its quality was equal to the well-known “Zatetsky” hop variety. The peculiarity of the new product is the fact that it is, first of all, welded from Ukrainian hops, which is atypical for premium beer types, and secondly, it was first brewed from the same name of the variety "National", which was developed by domestic specialists Dr. Maksym Melnychuk. The new product features an original, very tangible hop flavor and a characteristic aftertaste. In 2009 “National” beer was Awarded by 1st Prize on National brewery festival on premium beer nomination during “AGRO 2009” in Kiev, Ukraine.
Two kinds of authentic Ukrainian beer “Zeman” made in Lutsk town - Premium and Doppel bock made from hops variety “National” created by Acad. Maksym Melnychuk in 2004. Nowadays hop granules have been using for numerous private breweries in Ukraine.


High-Efficient technology for bio-protection of plants.

• An alternative to the chemical method of plant protection against pests and diseases.
• Safe method for human and warm-blooded animals.
• Complete absence of environmental pollution.
• High selectivity in the destruction of pests of agricultural crops.
• Save your money and get a harvest according to the ECO-ORGANIC certification.


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